[Resolved] Where to find references : CitizenFX.Core and Nativeui.net


I want to find the .dll or other references to be able to compile a menu? Do you have any ideas ?

CitizenFX.Core and Nativeui.net


Here’s NativeUI;

[Release]NativeUI port for FiveM

And here’s the Wiki;

FiveM Wiki

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Thanks, but I also have to compile Native UI?

I still do not see or is CitizenTX.Core and how do I get it back?

PS: I’m wrong it’s not resources but references

What menu are you trying to compile?

Yes, an error telling me that “CitizenFX” is not found (because I do not have the library)

I succeeded for nativeui

I found the solution:

The Citizen.Core.dll file is located in the FiveM client files

For the nativeui I get it on this link: http://gtaforums.com/topic/809284-net-nativeui/

Thanks for help guys !

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how can i compile it to use it on my server ?