[RESOLVED] Looking to open up a server of my own, got a simple question


Hello, I am thinking about opening up a roleplay server of my own but I am not experienced with the funds needed to run a server in FiveM. Would I need a VPS? What kind of price tag monthly/annually am I expecting for a FiveM, TS server and possibly a website?

Thanks to everyone in advance for any feedback.

Edit: I got some private messages from some guys, if people are googling and this is coming up, I got the server, teamspeak and website for $24/month, but the teamspeak was a one-time offer from a friend ($0.10/slot) so that might run for abit more (around $0.50/slot)

these are all things you can find by searching the internet… prices vary… or you can host it on your PC i would suggest reading the wiki.

I have seen at various VPS and gameserver hosting services and their prices, problem is, I don’t know the resource requirements for running a FiveM server, TS server and possibly a website are. Google pulls up a variety of feedback varying from “1.x Ghz dual core with 1gb ram” to “atleast 30-50€ monthly for a shit ton of space for player progress”. Just made this post to get a set stone answer and be sure.

I advice that you don’t start up a server, but perhaps just join one of the 1500 server’s already that exist.

Like Good Company RP?

Not sure if your just trolling or really asking =D
That server dose not exist anymore.
I would recommend Hotshot RP | ESX framework| Usable Drugs & Alcohol (Sellable to NPC's) | Server Side EUP | Custom Cars | Custom Realism Scripts | Jobs | Housing | LIFE server | Public

You have contacted me before so I just thought you were swerving the convo to advertise the server you’re on. Sorry for the attitude mishap!

Edit: And thank you for the feedback.

Not my intent to advertise. Just simply saying that there is a shit ton of servers always looking for staff. Just have to find a good one to be with.

Like I said, sorry for the misunderstanding and thanks for the feedback.

For my server, I use https://gamehosting.co/

and for $60.00
I get
8 CORE 3.7 GHZ
Windows 2016 Standard
500 GB Drive
8 Core 3.7 Ghz

Think of the server as a paper pusher, it does very little work compared to the client, all it needs is a decent amount of space, and good broadband. I would personally recommend windows as well.

Thanks for the feedback!

So it just needs a simple CPU and RAM and I should be fine as long as I have enough storage space and broadband? Does RAM fall in your category of “space” or not? Also, was thinking about Windows too instead of Linux.

Contabo is the best, for 9 dollars/month i get 4 cores xeon e5, 12gb ddr4 ram, 300 gb ssd

Unless you know Linux, stick with windows. It’s all about user preferences.
Your server needs to be able to handle the traffic of information from clients to server back to clients. The more people you plan on having on the server, the more powerful it should be to help limit server side lag.
What I suggest, is if your starting a server, perhaps try just doing it local on your box to get into the codes and scripts and just get it up and running ( if you haven’t already).
Once you get the foundations set, then move over to a VPS.

Our VPS (nfoservers.com), website and teamspeak run approx $120/month.

Lol no, I got some private messages and it’s all good, also that’s quite overpriced considering the widely available and cheap alternatives. I am now running server, teamspeak and website with $24/month.

120 wtf

20 characters

“You get what you pay for” - enough said.

Quite overpriced. Even if they have very good servers with good bandwidth and good specs, it’s overkill for a FiveM server.

i heard spec dont really matter to much for fivem servers so 120$ is stupid i pay 20$ and it does everything just fine