Requesting Opinions about a first-ish script

Hi there,

me and a friend are diving into the world of FiveM LUA, I have no coding skills whatsoever, he is quite familiar with Java, C++, C# etc. We have made small “scripts” that for example make you ragdoll when pressing a key, or making a /dv script, all from complete scratch.

We just made a script that allows you to do /announce “text” and a super ugly announcement box pops up, and deletes itself again after 5 seconds. Now we are wondering; is there anything we could’ve done better here. We are obviously still learning, and it is going quite well, we just want some opinions from “experts” to see how “well” this script is for its function.

Obviously at this state it won’t be used in an actual live server, we just want to see how we did. Please let us know what you guys think and what we could’ve improved on in this script.

(The explanation in the files itself is Dutch because we are Dutch)

anounce (2).rar (1.7 KB)


anounce.rar (1.2 KB)

Hi there!

I reworked the script to make it more compact and even more optimized!

I hope I helped you. Good luck :smiley:

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