[REQUEST] Simple ragdoll to RP Death

So I have seen RPDeath but I’m looking for something more simple. when killed, have a popup in the bottom of the screen saying press x to respawn or press y to revive yourself. I want players to have the ability to control this and not have another player to have todo it. (x & y are samples, maybe E and R?)

PM me if your thinking about it as I’m happy to test it on my server if needed :slight_smile:



Hey, I’m looking for a similar think, you got it yet?

No. I set RP death timer to 1 second and respawn cmd straight away.

Isn’t that default setting?

no. default is on like 2 minutes for memory

Hey do you know how to setup RPdeath mine wont stay dead

Do you have it on a timer to revive

Otherwise try and redownload it as a vanilla

Haha i just didn’t write it correct in the .cfg file i wrote “RPdeath” no “RPDeath”

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So all you want is a mod that when you die let’s the player decide when to respawn. Do you want them respawn where they died or at the hospital or what is it you want, need to be little more specific.


Just now see the original post is from like november so guessing this isn’t needed anymore :smiley:

Well I’m still looking for something g like this. So you could press E to revive or R to respawn at the nearest hospital.

Now I think about it RpDeath could just be edited to keys and have a notification in the bottom left.

RPDeath does have a hospital version
were you can do something like /er {id} {#} in the script the numbers will be shown for each hospital