[Request] SIMPLE GARAGE save & spawn DB "extras"

Hi, so I have been having trouble to find some garage for those that think outside of the box.
Pretty much every server has real life script and jobs,
So this request would be for those who are running a server that dont require jobs like survivalist servers
The idea is simple a menu that can save any vehicle boat or plane, and spawn the saved vehicle with DB included.

i made this picture for an example.

when saving a vehicle the vehicle despawns. To avoid dupe.
When spawn the saved vehicle, the vehicle is no longer in the garage. So that when a player drives he faces fear of losing it.

if you want it to make it better
Being able to save damage and fuel aswell
Make the menu only to open in a specific location like a garage in game and with space to add more garages.
Also with blips.
And a config for true or false.

And thats pretty much it.
I am no dev I wish I coul help, so what I can help is requesting a simple thing for the community.
Thanks in advance.