[Request] SetVehicleSteeringAngle rework

I’m doing some custom steering script so I use SetVehicleSteeringAngle native and it works just fine when the vehicle is not moving but the steering angle resets when the vehicle starts moving. Is it possible to rework SetVehicleSteeringAngle native to be applicable while the vehicle is being driven? If so please do it.

Explanation video: https://streamable.com/0zaco2
In this case INPUT_VEH_MOVE_LR is disabled and vehicle steering is handled by the script

Have you tried putting it in a loop? Probably would need to be called every frame to override the player

Sure I’m using it in a loop but still works as I described before. You can try it by yourself to see what’s happening.

Added a video explaining the problem

Can’t you literally use SET_CONTROL_NORMAL or similar instead? :confused:

Nope SET_CONTROL_NORMAL doesn’t fit me. I need the ability to set vehicle steering angle each frame of the game. So my guess is SetVehicleSteeringAngle and it works flawlessly until the vehicle starts moving.

So is there any chance to get SetVehicleSteeringAngle reworked in future or should I just give up on this thing?