[Request] Server side native to get player packet loss GetPlayerPL(source)


Nowadays the vast majority of players in-game are using third party applications like “NetLimiter” and “NetBalancer” to increase there Packet Loss or Ping to achieve a desync and get advantages of not dying or taking moves before the other player sync it. and to make a workaround over these abuses we can use native like GetPlayerPing(source) and block the use of any weapon with high pings but with NetBlancer they are manipulating the packet loss which offer bad fighting experience and we cant trigger anything for packet loss so I’d like to request GetPlayerPL(source) which get his packet loss for the server side so we as a servers can limit the packet loss or warn or block weapon use to offer a good player experience in PvP server or gamemodes with shooting.

example of what players look like when manipulating the packet loss :

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The packet loss metric as it is now is not solely ‘loss’ but also packets arriving outside of the deadline so is not reliable enough for any such sort of enforcement.

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I think it’s already implemented on client draw performance, so can we only get it over server side even if it’s not 100% accurate ?


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Yeah, not going to happen from our end anymore if you have your community spam replies here.

Good job ruining your own feature request, now the only way you’ll get it is by doing it yourself and submitting a pull request including proof of actual players’ cap values.