Request: Revert Keymaster page change

Can we get a revert on the keymaster changes?

As far as I can tell, this seems to have been a “spite design” choice in response to people’s complaints of timeouts on the license page. Nothing was achieved here other than making moving through large resource lists more difficult. I’m still facing issues with how slow it is.

Getting criticized for downtime on Keymaster is probably really tough, but it seems like it was just randomly thrown in because someone wanted to provide a fix to shut people up or redirect complaints.

I don’t think a search feature would be helpful either: having even 20+ resources sometimes you forget the names of those resources and trying to crawl through emails to find them isn’t a solution…

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This is the third thread I see now about this topic. And I feel like I have to give my two cents now.

While I can see that a search feature is missing, I really don’t see the point about why pagination is bad.
You do know that you can sort by “name”, “license received at” and “last updated”, right?

I am personally sitting at 3 pages (my own assets plus a few from a buddy’s store). Yes, a search would be really nice considering many server owners probably have more like 10-20 pages but how about more constructive feedback instead of just saying “new is bad”?

A few ideas

  • Search function (including creator and asset name)
  • Up the count of assets per page to 20 (10 is a little low).
  • Show previously owned assets (that have been transferred) as greyed out (and not downloadable)
  • …and show the account to whom it was transferred
  • Same for assets you have been sent (show who sent it to you)

While at it…

I think I made a post about that before for us as creators but some interesting changes to the “Find licenses page” would be:
Show when an asset was transferred to a person. As it stands now, I can only see when the original license was received but not when it was transferred to someone else.

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I have 16 pages of resources, but going through 16 pages with broad/general organization and pages of resources isn’t beneficial.

The old list would be better as we can search using our browsers for whatever resource if we need to find a specific one.

The page fix, at least from the responses in FiveM discord, was this was a “performance” fix, as displaying all of the resources at once was causing time-out issues.

That seems like a problem with Keymaster/the website, this just just seems like a bandaid fix that just punishes customers.

Yes, I completely agree with you, it is very difficult to find one specific assets. We own a lot of assets and it is different to find 1 assets in like 50 pages :smiley:

needs to go back to default

I don’t think so, this looks cool. I think it would be cool if a “show all” button would be introduced or some progress bar for loading huge assets was introduced. Also search file would improve that a lot.

yes please

Sorry for the inconvenience, we’re currently working on improving UX for the asset grants page and hope to ship it soon :slight_smile:

Improvements will include a search feature, larger page size and performance optimizations


Thanks, I hope we get these changes soon - it’s not reasonable to move through them atm.

I have 28 pages, this is literal torture, good to know they are working on changes though

I had no issue with the old system; the longer process was never a problem for me. I have 68 pages of assets on Keymaster, which I believe is quite uncommon. However, since the recent changes, finding assets has become a nightmare. Now, I must search through my emails to find the purchase date, and then navigate to the asset page, two pages at a time, to locate it. Adding a search feature would fix all the issues and complains people are having.

It appears a search feature has been released:


Great👍 I hope we can get an increase in page size or a full view type list - can’t remember the name of every developer.


im right with you, i have 60 pages myself, larger servers with this many things can be tough with the new system