[Request] Plugins check signature?


Many plugins can be added to FiveReborn client-side, but the server can’t verify the integrity of them. As to prevent any hack from a player, can we imagine a signature system to verify the integrity of client plugins when it log to the server ? Or more generally, do you know a solution to prevent such a possibility for a player to add a custom plugin themselves ?

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Just don’t allow scripthook plugins?

Yes but we need plugins :slight_smile:

Then make a script?.

Yep but we won’t be sure that players used anothers plugins ! Like trainer etc…

Nope it isn’t possible to do this. Either disable all mods and make your stuff resources or just deal with it.

Yes, it’s why I put [Request/Suggestion] to the FR dev team :slight_smile:

Oh damn, didn’t see the [Request] tag. Still though, it would take quite some time to do this and there’s more important stuff to work on right now. Also client mods generally are unsupported, so I don’t think it’ll happen at all.

Plugins are how some private server mod get success (ArmA 3 / H1Z1 / Garry’s Mod). I’m still waiting an official answer :slight_smile:

Successful servers don’t rely on client-sided mods though, they use server scripts. FiveReborn was never made to be played with client-sided mods, it was made to have servers which provide resources on the server-side.

I joined a server once that somehow knew I did not have their custom handling file but I have no idea how they did that.
If anyone knows it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I’m not agree but i prefere server-side too. So i’m ok we are going to dev server-side only !

No, this won’t be added. The client-side stuff was only meant temporary in the FiveM days because serverside scripting didn’t exist then.