[REQUEST] /pay id amount command

Anyone will to release or make a script such as this?

ie. /pay 22 300 This would pay player id 22 $300 from the players account using this command.

It would not be based on people just doing scripted jobs, but instead players can pay other players to do stuff for them or buy stuff, whatever, you get the point.

Great for RP and more.

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Wrong section, moved.

nothing on this yet?

Same, I’m looking for a script/plugin that allows players to pay other players.It needs to be
/pay and based on essentialmode4
Taking funds from caller’s account and sending it to 's account.

It would be easier if someone created an es_economy database and added /pay to it. Maybe they could add /removefund for admins in case a player accidentally sends $ to the wrong ID. I personally like the “/” as a trigger command as it is easier to use.