[request] mySQL vehicle plate register

Hi all,

I would like to know if it is possible to script a vehicle plate register and reader to a database? Such would be able to type /checkplate or /runtag (ect) in order to read from the mySQL to determine if the vehicle is owned by the player. I know there is a few different resources out there to aid in the making of this script and it would also be determined by whichever vehicle purchasing script is running for compatibility, though I am not sure how to go about making it work :/. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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You could either get into Lua or C# as a start. There are several usefull links scattered around on the forums

We have a Wiki you could take a look at also take a look at NativeDB for usefull natives.

Be sure to take a look at our Releases section on the forums aswell, since there are some great
examples on it.

If you have any more questions be sure to post back!


Thank you for the useful links gallium! I have been doing a bit of digging through releases and I have been self teaching myself LUA since I started with this whole modded community. I would consider myself moderately decent when it comes to combining certain scripts but the whole platereader thing has really taken a toll on me. I will look at the links to see if I can find what I am after… though I guess it would be best to start with the databases / mySQL. Thanks again!

-ps- It truly sucks that there is professional scriptwriters that enjoy this game and make scripts only for a proffit and do not want to further the modding community. I am not sure if you know what I mean by this but basically since I have started, it almost appears as one would script in a unique way on purpose to ensure their work is not “stolen”. Hopefully that will change in the future, as we would all like a better community… I hope.