[Request] Looking for a phew scripts

I am just going to get straight to the point I need 4 types of scripts if possible.

  1. Cuffing script so people look like they are cuffed

  2. arresting script so people do a command like /arrestme and it puts them in the prison and stops them from escaping by TPing them back into the prison if they get out.

  3. code 2 lights and no siren so cops can just use the lights

  4. script for no name plates and map but still hud so people can not cheat to see where players are on a RP server.

Guys I am still looking for some of these scripts if anyone can help.

they are private scripts not released yet but im sure you can buy them from the creator :wink:

@Kieran all of the above are not released yet Private scripts

Like who that is the point if any creators can give me a possible price for these scripts that will be great.

@albo1125 <-------- THIS GUY message on discord

@GanjaMonster Yeh I spoke to him but sadly I do not have much money :’( and scripts cost way too much.

Ok I just need to ask when making a script can it have both a client.lua and server.lua file? and how would I split that up in the _resource.lua file because mine is just this:

server_script ‘server.lua’
client_script ‘client.lua’

All of those scripts are public on this website…

@Social981 Ok wel l Was just trying to make a cuffing script and I was wondering,

this script is not working and kanersps is not offering support to finish it, it’s his name on the account but i think he said it’s not his…

That script does seem like a good thing to build on, for a talented developer who wants to finish it or use some of the working features.

question. to load scripts, Do i have to put Scripts in auto resource or plugins?

I’m gonna take it over