[Request] Hollywood Rollover

Hey so i found the source code for the original Hollywood Rollover mod and im trying to figure out what i need to do to make it work in my resources. the code is here for the main and also the ini that goes with it.

main dll -

ini -

;This setting acts as a multiplier for the rollover. If you feel like the rollovers are too strong/sudden, lower this value.

;How many seconds to extend the rollover.

;How likely it is for the vehicle to explode when rolling, checked once per second. Use 0 to disable it.

;Set these to an higher number if you want NPCs or the Player to have an higher chance of doing a rollover than usual.
;10 is the most realistic value, as the script will add up taking vehicle dimensions, body health, terrain and weather conditions into account.

;Enable this if you want to see the % probability of rollover for your current car.