[Request/Help] Simple Disclaimer is gone! I need something like it!

Hey there, I’m a server owner with basically no knowledge in regards to writing scripts, but I’ve done some basic modification to some source code in my time here. Right now, it’s biting me back, because what I need is so simple that it’s not on the forums, and just out of my reach for my knowledge level in coding.

I would like a splash screen JPG that pops up anytime a player loads into my server.

It would be dismissible by a button, let’s say E, and it would automatically disappear after [X] amount of time if no button was pressed.

I know there was Simple Disclaimer that used to exist, but has been since been pulled from the FiveM forums and no longer seems to be online. Any help is appreciated, seriously, and if some scripting god could type what I’m looking for in an instant, that would be increíble. If not, a point in the right direction for something similar would be great.

Thank you!

Bump! Anyone out there able to assist?

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