[REQUEST] Hands Up Script w. Typing /hu

Can anybody help me with a script that put the hands up when typing /hu instead of holding “X”?

give it 48 hours, i have something in progress for it.


??? Any news on this?

I think he must of meant 48 days…


oh i am so sorry , i forgot about it totally, i have the client done since then but i never started the server, gonna do it now

I have a working version too if you want to bounce some ideas around.

Any update on the /hu?

yes, the script is done, but it’s not triggering for me on the server, i gave it to a friend and he said he worked for him, i am waiting for a reply from him but it will by released today.

Update on the hands up script?

I made an example[I put client and server script togerther I have the comment above to CLIENT and SERVER]:

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Very nice! However, this script faces the same issues as the HandsUp script by @Kanersps. When the commands is entered, the player cannot move and always turns to face North.

The reason why is because you are using a Task Native. what I can try to do it use an animation and use certain flags. Give me about 10 minutes and I will maybe repost another version.

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UPDATED: You can now move while your hands are up.

– If you dont know how to make your own resource I set it up for you.–

How exactly do I install this? I copy and pasted the client script into a client lua and the same thing with server and added a resource.lua with
client_script ‘client.lua’

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I added a mediafire link for you.

@xander1998 great work!

Just a note to those who use this script with the Handcuff script… If you do not put your hands down before being cuffed, it will bug out the handsup script. To fix this, uncuff the player, have them put their hands up and back down again, then re-cuff the player.

I can fix that for you guys if you show me the link to your handcuffs. I cant fix the issue unless its done inside the cuffs script. If you know what you are doing use the native --ClearPedSecondaryTask(GetPlayerPed(-1))-- BEFORE you set the player handcuff animation.

Did you want me to show you an example to fix the cuff issue?

Yes please. If you don’t mind. Feel free to PM me if you wish.