[Request] Freeze Time Serversided

Hey! Is there a way to freeze time on a sever to for example day? Similar to Freeze weather but with time instead so time is synced to all players!

So in other words, you are looking for a server side script to control time and weather.

If so, Iā€™d also be interested.

time, weather, yet not space?

try NetworkOverrideClockTime.

Its simple. Go into fivem resource file. the the client script change to true for PauseClock

With the new CitizenFX.Core scripting interface,
Function.Call(Hash.NETWORK_OVERRIDE_CLOCK_TIME, newTime, 0, 0);

could i get some more info on this scripting interface please?

    while true do
        NetworkOverrideClockTime(hour, minute, second)
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