[REQUEST] Formatted Names

I am starting a server where Name Formats are a big deal. I would like a simple script that:

  • You can store a identifier.steam:1234567890 in a config file and specify their Nametag:

identifier.steam:1234567890 "1D-01 | Sean Burns"

  • If the identifier is in the config, the format will be applied to their nametag, replacing their steam/fivem profile name
  • If the identifier is not in the config, the format will not be applied and their steam/fivem profile name will be used.

I know this is possible, can someone please pull clutch? :slight_smile:

Where should this name be shown? I cant seem to make it replace the steam name, but maybe i could make a script that you can put into the places that it should be shown.

In front of their name if it has to be integrated with a Steam name. That, or create a way where Steam names doesnt show as a Nametag, and have this format display overhead, if that works