[Request] Enable/Disable Anticheat on server

I want to request feature which allows you to enable/disable anticheat from server-side, alternatively let’s you allow global banned players join your server.

I took this idea from CS:GO Community servers (as the concept is similar), where you can chose whether or not to run the anticheat. This function let’s you allow CS:GO Banned players to your server.

This could also be implemented as some kind of ace permission, so you could specify only players you want to allow.

From my point of view, this feature would be a step further in letting server owners actually decide who they want to play on their server.

Thank you for taking your time and reading my request.

If someone is cheating, they don’t deserve to play FiveM.

I’m talking about feature request. Not about disabling on player to play FiveM.

Your reply seems a bit black and white to me.

why the hell would you want a banned user on your server, are you so desperate for players?

Like I mentioned above.
Bestf implementation would be by some kind of ace permission. → That means I want to allow only some players/players that play on server for a long time, but used some 3rd party sw before (when saying before, I mean 6 mnths or so) or players I personally know. (Talking in owner perspective)

That seems to me like a good feature, that has no negative impact on FiveM platform, maybe even opposite, it gives server owner a new way to deal with some players.

No, that would reduce the efficacy of the threat of being banned, if people can e.g. cheat on “competing” servers but yet play on their main without consequence for cheating.