[Request] ELS Sync

Hello, I am really looking for an ELS script… If anyone has it or can make it, Contact me so we can discuss the “donation” price.


C2CJ is the only clan that got it and they ant giving it out from what I know

Is there really no way of getting my hands on it?

Not unless you script it yourself, get it from someone who has already or wait for the developer to update it.

Oh wow… well i guess i have to wait

Welcome to the GTA community.

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Is it weird that they don’t share something they worked hard for or payed money for?

I am working on a else siren and light script. The siren script is 75% done. Contact he here or on discord @ejb1123 #2650

First of all… C2CJ is NOT the only clan that has it. Many other communities have it, but all I will say is this: We will release something soon. It may be in a week or 2, but it will enhance your roleplay insanely.

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lol this is funny @Boss can we close this pointless thread

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Can you release the script?

not my script to release so not really unless LT CAINE has something to say on this topic here

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the funny thing is that you don’t even use els cars in the server xD but it does make ELS itself work with that specific script, still need to be client sided etc so would be nice if it was fully in lua to be server sided not just the siren sync etc

Maybe you guys should take your beef outside this forum :slight_smile:


It’s irrelevant to dispute who developed what or who has what. The community benefits when everyone collaborates to further continue developing new initiatives. Hopefully everyone will soon have access to what some of us are privileged to enjoy. Everyone has paid their fair share of dues in both time, energy, and resources. Let’s end this discussion on a positive note!


do you have the same script lt caine ? manuel siren etc contacte me! thanks

I dont see how its irrelevant, but whatever. I do think that the creator should be credited for his hard work whether you stole it or not.

LT CAINE, the creator of the script, has achieved a milestone for the community and deserves a great deal of credit. However, engaging in further discussion contrary to that fact is counterproductive. Let’s move forward and be civil, engaging in positive and constructive discussion that will benefit the community.

@brandon_bowlds You mention the thread should be closed but then stir the shit pot once again with an additional comment. In the words of The Beatles “Let it be”.