Request Custom Freeroam script like highspeedgaming and state of emergency clans have

what i want is a emergency services roleplay script that works like a free rooam script so i want it to have police fire ems and civilians scripts in the file and to have it spawn peds in building

This won’t be made for you and they won’t release it either, it’s quite normal that they don’t as they put a lot of effort into making such.

those clans are ran by gta v developer i dont want there scripts i wants someting based off of them

And that won’t be made for you, people like to keep those ‘big’ things to themselves as alot of effort gets put into them.

I recommend you get into scripting things yourself by starting to read simple .lua tutorials or by watching videos on youtube. It’s quite simple!

this thread can be closed i got scripts from albo1125

@Kevinsch1 what scripts did he recommend? Serversided or clientside?

server side scripts made and to use trainer for skins and car spawns

he recommened server side one like kick and ban cuff and jail and a trainer to use but he make scripts for people for there servers

They gave you the scripts from that server?

Of course not.


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