[Request] Cuff/Rules/deletevehicle/do scripts WILLING TO PAY

I was wondering, if anyone could make me a few scripts. I am willing to pay, and negoitcate on prices.

  1. A script where when someone joins the server, it lists a a few rules.
  2. A script where you can use a command such as “/deleteveh”, and it sends the vehicle you are inside of somewhere under the map, getting rid of it.
  3. A script where you can use a command such as “/do (eats food, pays)” and it prints in chat what you typed after “/do”, in orange text, indicating it was an action.
  4. a script where you can use a command such as “/cuff (playerid)” and it has a animation where the player is cuffed. I know there is one on this site, but whenever someone is cuffed, they cannot move.

Please PM me on this website if you are able to make or have already made these scripts with your prices. or if you would do them for free.

All those scripts are out… excluding the ( /do) i do believe… and the cuff script can be changed to allow player movement after cuffing

  1. Adverts
  2. That can be done in the trainer
    3.-----Not sure?
  3. [Release] Simple cuff script and example resource
    Look for the line ‘local flags = 16’ and change 16 to 49.

I have just tried the adverts, but it doesn’t show only when you connect, it spams the message.
It takes a lot of time if you have 4 vehicles, to set the vehicle as owned the then delete owned vehicle

Changed the local flags, now the /cuff command doesnt work at all. rip

Alright. Locked. We do not support any payment for scripts.