[Request] Arrest

Hi, i am looking for a good arrest script. preferably one where i can type /cuff playerid in the chat but pressing a button is fine. thanks to anybody that helps me :slight_smile:

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[Release] Arrest Script havent tried it yet but try this one. Also uses the /cuff playerid your looking for. Hope this helps

well that doesnt work…

it works for me, have you tired looking at peoples responses to the script??? some people help a lot in getting it to work!

@BelgInNL i couldnt get that script working but in the replies Jayceon created a script that uses command processor and that works for me. just /arrest {PlayerID} but there is no uncuff button so if u have enhanced reborn and press NumPad1 u will fall over and cuffs come off

Here is mine: [Release] [ESX] Advanced Arrest Animation

You can change the Key function into a command function with one line if you wish