[Request] Arrest script

I looking for a good arrest scrip! Can someone help me with that?

where i dowload it???

wow, Im sorry. don’t listen to me. xD that was closed and locked for having stolen work.

A lot of script authors (including myself) aren’t really looking to release anything right now. Mostly because a lot of us are working closely with specific role play communities. It is a disappointing but true fact.

I totally understand and agree! Im right there with ya! @braukStauter

Honestly, @Linus203, I strongly recommend taking a look at some of the scripts that are out there (if you can learn that way) and just see how they work. Take them apart and learn some Lua and make a script yourself. It isn’t that difficult if you are geared for it. This is an excellent resource to both learn from and to use as a quick reference. Also, YouTube is a great resource to just learn the language. Hope this helps!

here’s mine: [Release] [ESX] Advanced Arrest Animationstrong text