[REQUEST] 1970's/1980's CHP Sirens like used in the show CHiP's

I am looking for anyone kind enough to put together a neat siren pack with the sirens that the TV show that ran from 1977-1983 CHiP’s used. I have been looking for those sirens for GTA but no luck, I can only find the modern CHP sirens. I request if anyone feels up to it to make the sirens for PoliceB the ones of the TV show and to make it compatible for all of the police and emergency vehicles.
Simply looking for 1970-1985ish sirens from the CHP
Thank You all for looking and I appreciate anyone that does attempt to make this!

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I got a buddy I can hit up in my Instagram DMs who makes vehicles and sirens for lspdfr

Uhhh I’m a fan of the show too was it just the electro mechanical wail ?

(I’m new to CHiPs but love it)

Hi, I was wondering if I could possibly have the information for your buddy? I’m trying to do a role play with a few friends in a FivePD server and we are trying to find the old CHiPs sirens

It’s too bad one hasn’t been made yet. I’d like one that uses the sirens from the show, but the closest I was ever able to get was this pack. I mixed two packs together to get it working.