[REQ] Market / "darkweb" permissions

I have a market script that allows players to type a / command to open a market to buy and sell items to one another, how can i add permissions to only allow a specific job to access the command, so that we can rp that the market is like the dark web here is the code for the command

RegisterCommand('johngottisentme', function(source)
local identifier = getIdentifier(source)

MySQL.Async.fetchAll('SELECT * FROM market ORDER BY price',{
}, function(result)
    TriggerClientEvent('lg: loadMarket', source, identifier, result)


Hey ! :slightly_smiling_face:

You could set the 3rd argument of the [ RegisterCommand() ] to True, which will mean that the user wont be able to execute the command unless he as the permissions.

RegisterCommand('johngottisentme', function(source)
        --[[Function's code]]
end, true --[[Right HERE]] ) 

And then set the permission to the players (with aces) of a certain group and/or job to allow them access to the darkWeb