[Repro] mike-bakerloo-one Reconnect MLO Crash


Operating system: Windows
Resources: Default resources / Custom resource to teleport / gabz hospital MLO
Player needed : Yourself is enough :upside_down_face:


Disconnecting from server (not quit) and reconnecting near the MLO make yourself crash

How To :

  • ensure the MLO
  • connect on the server
  • go inside the MLO
  • disconnect
  • reconnect
  • go inside MLO again
  • You should crash, if you do not then disconnect and try again, 9/10 i did crash on the first reconnect.

[Video with full explanation] https://streamable.com/fqjn1z
[Saved crash file] CfxCrashDump_2020_10_13_00_06_29.zip (1.6 MB)

Command used to teleport to coords

RegisterCommand('hp', function(source, args)
	SetEntityCoordsNoOffset(GetPlayerPed(-1), 296.2, -583.9, 43.5, true, true, true)

You’ll need the MLO used in the video, couldn’t repro with another one, “Gabz” being the author, I do not have the rights on the resource so i won’t share it here, sending it in PM todeterministic_bubble”.

Already tested :

  • Fix every .ydr and .ybn assets (done in the version sent to bubble)
  • Request ytyp in the fxmanifest

I kept having the crash.

I do hope it’s enough, if you need any more infos, i’m here :wave:

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