Reposting soon with new updates

Going to repost this topic after clearing all issues. For any support you can DM on my discord SAHIL#8908


By locations do you mean certain props or is it polyzones? I’m a little confused as to how the locations work

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Look darn good, but there is one issue right now, that @secret.sahil needs to take care of.

Escrow ignore! Right now every single lua file is locked down even the config file, and even normal xsound included in the package is locked.

When thats fixed ill give some feedback :slight_smile:

I really apologize sir. It’s now fixed and you can re-download it.

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@casioprompt By location I mean you can set locations like the mechanic, vanilla unicorn. You can link them to the job (for eg: mechanic) so that the person having that job can access the music player to that location.

Ah ok, I see what you mean now, thanks :slight_smile:

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it says Requirements Any version of ESX or EXM or QBCore. both esx 1.2 and esx legacy wont work because it says this

i will have to redo some of the code to see i can make it work

but also

it is the same in many ways . i just think you should credit the person. i know music everywhere is a buy script

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I clearly mentioned that I’am a UI developer and developed UI. If you think I should give credit to him for backend I’ll, No problem. BTW you haven’t told me about my UI work. How’s it sir :grin:?

The ui work is really good that is why did not say anything about it but you need to do something about it being only qbcore

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Thanks sir. I’m to release it’s V2 very soon with some more advanced features. Stay tuned :heart:

but still change the code or the Requirements Any version of ESX or EXM or QBCore because you are promising things that is not there

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Hey there! You have never asked permission from me to post this script. We could have talked first and make a partnership…
Delete this topic or put it in private and send me a PM asap.

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