Replacing vehicles causing people to crash

I used to have a lot of replaced vehicles on my server, but for some reason it caused people to randomly crash without an error. Some people would crash every time they joined.

I tried an add-on pack too but this had the same effect; after a while someone’s game crashed. With a small amount of replaced cars it didn’t seem to happen. After removing all replaced/add-on cars the problem was gone.

The strange thing is for me it always worked with no issues. Any idea what could be causing this? I am hosting from my PC, could it have something to do with my upload speed?

Could be the sizes of the cars. Afaik your textures can’t be over 16MB or they will cause crashes. Badly converted vehicles can cause these crashes as well. Most of the time it’s caused by a corrupt model.

Thanks for the reply, I did have a lot of cars over 16MB, I will try some lower memory ones now.