Replacement Meta Files

I’ve looked around and tested a lot, some people say you can have replacement meta files and some people say you can’t. I want to be able to have replacement meta files server-side, not client-side. Is it possible, if so how? Or when can we expect support for it?

It’s possible. Search the forums and/or read the patchnotes from the last 2 months in the Announcement subforum. There’s plenty of information on the forums about this.

Is this the changelog post you are talking about? FiveReborn/pΛ/проектΛ update - December 30th, 2016

Replacing metas can only be done client side, add on metas can be streamed

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That’s rather annoying :frowning:

Have you got a link to one of the replace cars you are trying to use I’ll make a video on how to do it

It is possible. I use it on my server.

• Make a ‘assets’ folder
• Put a folder ‘stream’ in it
• Put your custom cars in it
• Make a __resource.lua in the ‘assets’ folder containing something like this:

-- the current manifest version level (2016-12-30)
resource_manifest_version '77731fab-63ca-442c-a67b-abc70f28dfa5'

-- add the files to be sent to the client
files {

-- specify data file entries to be added
-- these entries are the same as content.xml in a DLC pack
data_file 'VEHICLE_METADATA_FILE' 'vehicles.meta'
data_file 'CARCOLS_FILE' 'carcols.meta'a
data_file 'VEHICLE_VARIATION_FILE' 'carvariations.meta'

Place your meta’s in the ‘assets’ folder. Should look like this now:

Done. You are now using serverside meta’s :slight_smile:

This is the one I’m trying to use:

I’m using the 2014 Ford PIU, police3 slot.

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I tried that exactly and the vehicles still don’t work properly.

Follow my steps above and you’ll be fine. Would be best to change the slots though. Just call them “police4” “police5” etc… and change it in the meta’s as well.

It’s because you are trying to use them for replacement cars.

I’ll have a look at them now

I want them as replacement cars though, that’s the thing.

Well I’m stumped at this one not matter what I tried the car just rolls over

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That’s the problem I had.

ok if you want replacement METAS for replacement cars what you need to do is COPY the specific section for just that car not all of the cars from the whole game or youll get errors but if u take the handling carvarioation carcols and vehicles meta for all emergency cars only cuz im sure that is what you’re doing. and put those inside a custom meta so it only has those cars you’re streaming in there, make sure that the metas are correct also cuz if not you’ll get a mounting error, the car rolls over cuz its using a bad handling or something else that can be fixed with chaning the handlingid in vehicles meta, i used the mega pack rde and other packs to convert to addon cars and they work fine the metas need work tho to your liking you could have a custom handling or something

Can you demonstrate with one of the vehicles from the pack I linked above?

here is a quick video how and where to go quick copy/paste from originals or custom metas
just look at it as an example how i added the metas in there etc don’t forget to like if it helped you :wink:


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You are using add-ons, not replacements?