Renzu_customs - Unique and Advanced Mechanic Tuning

yes its configurable, and its default set to False @ config.lua

Feature request:
Able to rotate camera with two buttons, instead of a fix camera angle

Zoom option would be cool aswell

i have a bug when i set Jobpermissions to true, i cant acces the menu anymore or i cant save it anymore

I said this to my friend, but he couldn’t get it to work. He is using the Loaf Garage script if that helps

Can you guide a repro step by step?
Preferably at github page or via message.

Be informative what does its not working?

If its the custom tires and engine
You have to change the vehicle setter and getter in your garage. Or use renzu_garage and avoid hassle only need to edit config.

if i try to acces menu then i see camera with my mouse cursor but no menu is showing. sometimes it works, but then if i try to pay my tuning then the same happens. camera with cursor for 5 seconds and then my tuning doesnt get saved.

Change :
ESX.Game.SetVehicleProperties(vehicle, info) and


line 86: exports.renzu_customs:SetVehicleProp(vehicle, info)
line 202: exports.renzu_customs:GetVehicleProperties(vehicle)
line 313: exports.renzu_customs:SetVehicleProp(vehicle, info)

in client/functions.lua

line 297: exports.renzu_customs:SetVehicleProp(vehicle, info)

works with my loaf_garage

Thia is related to jobpermission right…

This was already fix yesterday

how can i change this:
RegisterServerCallBack_(‘renzu_customs:getmoney’, function (source, cb, t)
local src = source
local xPlayer = GetPlayerFromId(src)

to show jobmoney?

Request it on github so we can make it as a optional config.