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Failed to load script @renzu_shield/init.lua.

Some fix ?

just comment the line in the manifest

Hello everybody for the people who are currently using QBCORE there is some change to make in order to use the new qb-banking (since qb management was repalced by that in the getAccount export)

This is for changing the export in order to correct this error

simply replace the call

i have a new error with the compare

with your version did you have this error ?

No, I have not had any problems

And that export does exist, at least in the official qb-managment on github

Besides that code is original from renzu, don’t touch the part of paying money.
Have you checked that you are starting the qb-managment script first before renzu?

i have the same error i havent any menu apart cutom menu

I don’t think I can help you, sorry

having the same error

Hello @Renzuzu, are all your scripts also suitable for vRP, or only for ESX and QB?

Best Regards

same for me

With all due respect, your code is insanely difficult to work with.

if not menu and not Config.FreeUpgradeToClass[vclass] and not Config.JobPermissionAll and xPlayer.getMoney() >= t.cost or not menu and not Config.FreeUpgradeToClass[vclass] and Config.JobPermissionAll and Config.Customs[shop].job == and Jobmoney(,xPlayer) >= t.cost or menu then

This if statement is insane and it is clear that you yourself are confused, given the ridiculous redundancies. I appreciate your free releases, but as a developer myself that has to implement changes in your code for my clients, it’s just insane.

how do i download this script

how the fix the error with “Cabron not Enough Money?”

Frameworks i use is ESX & OX

Inventory System is OX_Inventory

Hey hey,
first of all, thanks for this script.

I use QB-Core and have the following problem: No errors in the console, the markers and blips are displayed correctly and I can also use all functions.

When I go to pay, the script seems to hang (as if it were calculating the price individually with a solar calculator rzzzZZZ) then everything runs again but nothing was deducted.

I only look at cash and bank. Am I missing something?

Thx for helping!