Renovation Roleplay going live OCT 1st | Serious RP 18+ | Whitelisted | ESX - Streamer Friendly | Strong active dev team | Custom Jobs | Custom Drugs | Active community | We welcome both experienced and first time role-players

18+ (Renovation RP)

Going live October 1st (Currently finalizing BETA, Server is open to explore and try it out)

ESX | Very Serious Rp | Economy based | Progressive for Criminals, Civilians, Businesses etc. | RP Interaction driven server | Custom Scripts | Positive involved MATURE staff team | Talented Development team

Renovation RP is a unique custom server. We have been working hard behind the scenes to build a well-developed and unique RP server. Our goal from day 1 was to provide an experience that is distinctive and so immersive that you would be proud to call Renovation RP home. Whether you choose to live the life of your character as a civilian, a criminal, a member of the emergency services, or somewhere in between, Renovation RP plans to deliver an unmatched experienced when it comes to the development of your characters story line. At the end of the day, we want to promote a fun environment and have a well-connected community that enjoys hopping in the city and having a fun time!

We thank you for your patience and I can assure you that we will not disappoint with this server. Keep your eyes peeled for sneak peeks this week. We cannot wait to see you in city.

Police and EMS apps are open.

Business proposals are open. Start your business today

What We Offer in the Server:

Civilian friendly server

Gang friendly server

Realistic Economy (Everything is Economy based)

Realistic EMS - Need Bandages and Med bags to heal (MDT coming soon)

Realistic PD – with MDT

Jobs | Strip Club | Garbage | City Bus | Chicken Factory | | Burger shot | Diving | Police | Mechanic | Ambulance/EMS | & MUCH MORE, EVEN MORE COMING SOON!

Gangs aren’t shot by Locals when they are in their turf (for example Local Balla’s Don’t shoot you on Grove St)

Gangs | Turf Wars | Gang Wars 6v6

The most hands on realistic drug script with customizable drugs, poison who you sell to. Stomp on your product to double up. FULL CREATIVITY!

All Crime is Progressive

Selling Drugs to peds and players

Phones | Valet

Fully Customized Clothing

Fully Customized Vehicles

Custom Housing with fully customizable interiors


Black Market

Inventories for car trunks

Hands On Robbery

Realistic Police Department with Custom features

Custom Sound pack for guns


Tuner Chips

Incredible Street Racing RP scene


I think the community is great and the devs are actually not stuck up. Would 100% suggest.


Great server and great devs, Hiring all positions as well!!!


Great community, Everyone’s awesome and definitely should come check them out.

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The server is amazing, the devs and staff actually listen to feedback. This doesn’t feel like a dictatorship they seem to actually care about the community.

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love the community here and the staff, city is so good cant wait!

Absolutely AMAZING Community, some of the best people I have met in RP so far! This server is 100% going places, and fast!

Such and awesome community this is one you will def wanna try out!

Very promising server and a friendly community. The dev and staff team are all inclusive and make decisions that are consistent with their “RP First” stance. Be sure to check this out.

Can’t wait for the server to go live! BETA was super promising!

Amazing community, should 100% check it out, server is highly optimised anf the owners, staff and devs are all on the same page as the community which leads to amazing feature, cant wait to see this become a huge and amazing server.

So far this server has shown its love for GTA RP, 100% would recommend this server because it’s great players and amazing police department! I cannot say the same for most servers out there!