Removing esx tag from server listing

We use es_extended on our server for a couple non-economy related scripts (things like gcphone, etc). We’re not really an economy server, and have no intention on being one.

However, it seems as though, for some reason, the FiveM server list system is auto-adding the esx tag onto our server, since it detects es_extended. I’ve checked the tags that the server is submitting to the server list ingest system, and esx isn’t listed in the tags there. However, when you look at the server listing, esx is listed as the first tag.

Is there any way that we can get this removed or change it so that it doesn’t add the tag?


But… you’re using ESX.

I mean, technically yes, we are. But people equate ESX to economy and the like, and so we have a feeling it affects player visit counts, since now it’s sorted with other full ESX servers.

I was looking for something like this too?
How do you send the sets tags command without adding it on server.cfg?
I would like to add this for example to my script so I can find servers who use it through server list

Well, see, the issue is that FiveM adds the esx tag to the server listing after the server heartbeats and FiveM pulls the info.json.

If you look at your info.json, you won’t actually find the esx tag, no matter what you do (unless you manually add it). It’s something that’s uncontrollable from our end as server owners.

So I guess it’s not something inside the es_extended server files causing this.
but how would FiveM add that tag? is it something like a collaboration between the ESX framework and FiveM?