Remove this thanks

Hey man, go back to an older version of NUI Doorlock on GitHub. I went back to an older version, and works FLAWLESS. I’m not sure why this hasn’t been fixed, but I would suggest going back to an older version! Works perfect for me, and all players have stopped reporting this issue to us! Good luck!

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Which version you using? Having the same issue, the players/gangs the doors stop working after some random time. You can see the locker but pressing the E does nothing.

when i shoot the text is just repeating again and again doing nothing

What is the Key for ambulnace?

nui_doorlock Returned error code:404 any ideas?

The Script got “killed”. He’s taking it down sadly

Sad day. Had it saved in my phone to download it tonight.
Best wishes with further fivem endeavors! :+1:

i totally feel you…i have people complaining my scripts because they don’t know the difference between lua and c# environments and languages…

Should be easy to find it on github anyway, or somebody will re-release it (probably paid let’s be honest).

can i buy this off you? getting error 404

wow this was a great tool, this really sucks

Hey, some people just suck. Wish I could say you were wrong.

Too bad, this is one of the greatest free resource!

Oh wauw… Was loving this resource!!

just remove the version check from server/main.lua line 238 ->-262

Great resource, works fine.
Thank you for your work.

did somone fix the Lockpick function it want work on my Version if somone got a version for ESX 1.2 pm me.

I get a error saying 2021-11-26 15:14:38 [LOG] Servercallback nui_doorlock:getDoorInfo does not exist! Can i get some help?

whats the command for turn on this source?

did you find the name of that door?