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Would you consider making a Qbus version? :slight_smile:

I am on ESX Legacy, I use your inventory, and multi character. We are having issues with some players seeing the doors locked and unlocked. I have installed fresh copy to the server, and even re did the MRPD seeing if that was the issue. Not sure why its happening. Anyone else have this issue?

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Does it have anything to do with theres no states.json file anymore? I noticed there is not one in the newest versions of the legacy branch, and seems to be breaking our entire server…

States.json just kept door states during a resource restart, for debug purposes mostly. It was poorly made, poorly utilised, and pointless.

Can’t do anything without information, because it works perfectly for me.

Right I hear you there. Interesting. I have no more info to give, I have no errors, or anything to capture. We set the doors with /newdoor, added all the info, the doors were locked. Fly out, and back in on another character. The doors were not locked. I am not sure what more I could give you on that, I was asking if it was a known issue or not, cause it 100% is for us.


Does it occur only when using /newdoor? Could be an issue with the setting of locks for doors that didn’t previously exist in config.

I did a fresh restart of the entire server after setting the doors for MRPD. This is what happens. I cant see the front 2 doors, no lock shows. Then another player joins, and he can see the locks. We then walk around together, can see some locks. Then cant see one or two locks, then went to check other locks. We came back, and the locks were on the doors that were missing the locks. Its weird as hell. If you want I can share you my screen. It seems the doors do not get syncd when the player has joined the server. It seems to come in after a bit of time has passed?

Some people have asked so I’ll just clarify - you can set a door to be able to be opened with a lockpick, but you need to set up your own trigger for that lockpick. I’ll include something using qtarget in the future.

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does this allow me to walk upto any door in game and set a lock/unlock?

just ensure the script when u add new doors over /newdoor

i have set myself as an admin in server.cfg but still getting the access denied to create /newdoor

How to use this?

You have to aim at your desired door and shoot.


Anyway we can just set the DOOR to the person and not the JOB ROLE?

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I’m having pretty much the same issue on a new esx legacy build. If you figure out what’s going wrong I’d appreciate it a lot if you posted the solution here.

Still have no been able to get any support or info on this. lol. So looks like we both stuck for a bit lmfao

Do you know a good way to change the job permissions to steam id permissions? I am trying to unlock purchased properties directly for the owner instead of a specified job.

Same problem :pensive:

It sounds like I have a similar problem that Skazy and ABOW have been experiencing: sometimes players get stuck inside police stations and similarly cannot get into them even though they can access the doors. The door unlocks and isn’t “frozen” but cannot be walked through. Teleporting away and then coming back tends to fix the doors, but it’s seems like a per-client issue because I have been able to unlock and walk through them while the other player is still blocked in right in front of me, or in other words it’s like the door state is not properly broadcasting to their client. We do have a workaround allowing EMS/LEO to teleport with a menu to the various stations but I would imagine that it is annoying for them.

I’ve noticed that if I spawn into the game as a cop into Mission Row then some of the doors don’t work correctly until I walk around and cycle the locks. If I spawn in away from Mission Row and then go to the police station, the doors seem to work ok.