Remove items on death

Can’t seem to find the working answer whenever I search. Does anyone have idea how to make all items in inventory disappear when you die? I have esx_ambulancejob and in my config I already set this all to true:
Config.RemoveCashAfterRPDeath and


If I’m not wrong, it should be automatically removed by es_extended although I might be
wrong since I havent used ESX in a while now.


Maybe I did something wrong? Hope that someone would have an idea.

This seems to only occurs on the default inventory of esx, I tried using other inventory and all items disappears when I die. Hope this could be helpful.

@jigzjaeger do you have vMenu currently on your server

Yes. Should I look into it? If yes, where should I start looking?

@jigzjaeger yes look into it, I would look for another topic I don’t exactly remember the title but it should help you. Please lmk if you can’t find it and I’ll look for it and link it to you.

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