Remove all NPCs

I will update it in a sec to fix that

Okay I fixed that issue

and how about this npc?

Nice script, but how does GTA handle that file change ?
How can I set the correct one back if I want to play GTA online ? or is this not a problem ?

The file is only replaced in the memory, it’s not actually replaced. Regular GTA and other FiveM servers wont save it

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oh ok that is cool :slight_smile: thanks

No problem

hello, works for infinity?

Yes it does

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I have replace No Cops, but now the city is empty, no npc cars, no peds, etc
i use extended final and infinity.

To use any other replace except for no peds, you must remove the client.lua file

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ah ok, thanks ^^

Is there a chance to spawn only animal peds?

how i can remove all emergency service? police, ems…

This is something I’m looking for too maybe @Dalrae has some input when he’s free. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot!Finally find one I want

Hello ! can u make it the no military vehicles and peds version ?

The ambulance comes to me when Peds are killed, how do I deactivate it?

i used no cops and it still removed every npc

ok nvm i got it but is there a way to also remove fire/ems