Remnants Role Play 18+ Serious Rp Law, DOJ, and Doctors hireing Open Whitelist

Remnants Roleplay

is an 18+ server, built by roleplayers for roleplayers on the RedEM framework. We hope to bring you a friendly and fun roleplay experience with everything from Native and Shopkeepers to Law and Doctors stories, and everything in between! Don’t be afraid to tell a rich story with lots of twists and turns, we want to tell that story with you! We’ve got quite a few custom scripts as well as plenty of old ones you might know and love! Don’t be afraid to take a look!

The Great State of Roanoke is happy to take any and all, and there is no discrimination based on what you were born with. Your actions define you here. Set in the year 1907, the world is changing, and we’ve got to change with it! Everyone from Lawmen, Bounty Hunters, Criminals, Doctors, Shopkeeps, and who knows what else has to keep moving with the times, and Roanoke is happy to accommodate. With a robust economy, and quite a lot to do for nearly everyone around this beautiful state of ours.

We are a diverse set of players from all over the world and would love to tell stories with you and help you bring your own character(s) to the end of the west, and the start of a new era!

Come and see for yourself!

Our Site

Our Discord

What We Have to Offer You!

An 18+ Community

RedEM Framework


Mumble VOIP

Controller Friendly

Law Opportunities

Doctor Opportunities

DOJ Opportunities

Horse Training Opportunities

Gun Smithing (Gun customization included!)

Telegram System (With a way to keep track of your contacts!)

Pet Adoptions (Almost any animal in the game, if you don’t see it, reach out to staff and ask)

Horses (Every horse, including some ‘secret’ ones! Oh and working saddlebags!)

Bounty Quests

Grave Digging


Custom Housing

MLOs and Custom Ymaps litter the map for all to enjoy!

Store Robberies

Farming & Ranching

Mining & Blacksmithing


Wagons (All sorts and they have their own inventories!)


Full Bodied Female Peds (No more Void Torso for the ladies!)

Full Beards for Men (Stubble Galore!)

Owning Your Own Business

A Robust Crafting System

And so much more!


Honestly, it’s a fun little place, and well worth checking out! We don’t bite!

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