[Releases][Free] CayoTwoIslands

? increase your extended texture budget

i will check

That’s weird… If you have something requesting mp maps, remove it. That’s a lazy ass way to request MP maps, you’re supposed to request IPLs etc with bob74_ipl and this mod requests the IPLs for Cayo Perico

is there a way to make it possible to set a waypoint on los santos when you are on the island, because now it just removes them instantly

You have to be on LS to place a waypoint in LS or on CP to place a waypoint for CP.

You can not place a waypoint to a different island due to the fact there’s an ocean between them. It does not matter if you have a lame ass bridge between them.

I cringe so hard when I see that bridge omg. The entire point of the island in RP servers is to Fly or take a boat and someone builds a bridge like lol. To each their own.

admins currently have the problem if they are on the cayo island and want to teleport to the big island via a marker, he says that no maker is set, so you have to fly over there

the other way around it goes from the big island to cayo

Don’t teleport via marker. Each island has it’s own waypoint system thing.

What you should do is have a teleporter script or just use vMenu teleporter options and teleport to coordinates and save those coordinates to the menu.

If you would like to improve the island even more, someone has provided these files :slightly_smiling_face:

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Absolutely love this. I’m using the minimap script too for the full colour (cannot work out what the .gfx file is and how to modify it yet) however when on Cayo Perico, I can’t move my map cursor further down/right than my player icon?

That file is for the coloured minimap of Cayo Perico.

And I have no idea nor any interest in this resource at this current time as my main focus is DpEmotes.

:man_shrugging: I’m not working on this resource anymore. I have no idea, but I do know that they don’t sync across players anyways so I purposely made them static. You’ll have to figure it out on your own sorry, resource is as it is.

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This was a passion project of mine that began in December of 2020 to self teach myself Codewalker. It is no longer being worked on and is released “as is”. Please refrain from asking me how to do certain things, as I have more than likely answered it already and I am not focusing on this resource anymore; maybe when a new DLC drops with some props I can use, otherwise consider this “abandoned”.

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I have some problems, the island is now solid.

Yes i have onesync on :slight_smile:


hello, my main mini map disapears when im on the island, any fix?

and how do i enable the music at the party? atm there is none
(enabling static emitters doesnt work)

delete server cache, download latest version of this resource, minimap should work for both islands, music should also work, idk why it isn’t for you.