[Releases] [Free] Cayo Perico Improvements Freeroam 4.2.2

Correct, it’ll be a ymap.

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Yes!!! Runs much better now on my old beast. The trees made my pc lag a lot before!

Good to hear :stuck_out_tongue: Even during my testings it is a loooot better now, and I only have a GTX1070 :open_mouth: exposed lol

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I am running everything on a 2008 mac pro with a 680 in it lol

Mac? What on earth… :laughing:

Yes but I dual boot windows on it lol cause you cant play fivem on mac os

Update 4.2.1

  • Finally removed the LOD red lights that were floating in mid air by the docks that appear at night time.


I can’t upload a png of it for some reason, but I am getting this ped at the dj booth, and can’t seem to find out where he is in the files.

NPC Peds– can be removed or commented out in peds_config.lua

I’ve tried removing them all, and this one still stands.

Then you haven’t done it correctly then. Delete your server cache, double check you have indeed deleted it, or just open fxmanifest and put two -- in front of the stuff you don’t want it load, that’s the easiest way.

It’s possible that another script has placed that ped there, because the script I use, places Dr Dre and he is doing a DJ animation.

-- DJ Cayo Perico -- Dr Dre's model name is ig_ary

		model = 'ig_ary',
		animation = {
			dict = '[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]',
			name = 'dixn_sync_cntr_b_dix',

		locations = {

			{ x = 4893.5679,  y = -4905.452, z = 2.48, heading = 172.2963 }


Or, you, or the server owner, has modified the script and replaced the ped.

Search the ped_config.lua for the coordinates I have:

x = 4893.5679,  y = -4905.452, z = 2.48, heading = 172.2963

Whatever ped has that coordinates, remove it or comment it out.

Update 4.2.1:

  • Generated LOD and LOD Distant lights for Cayo Perico

may not be visible on this version of the my resource due to the island concealments, use CayoTwoIslands instead :man_shrugging:

i cant get my server to start pmms pls help

I have already explained everything. I am not the creator. Go to their GitHub.

This has already been answered.

Where ?

I saw but how to change this manually with another script or stream, because I’m impatient?

Here, and in the “Bugs” section, and probably in other comments that I can not be bothered to scroll through.

I can’t help with your lack of patience.

I can modify the cayo, to add systems and mapping?