[Releases] [Free] Cayo Perico Improvements Freeroam 4.2.2

Yeah, but oh well, it’s not all too much of an inconvenient :stuck_out_tongue: :blush:

Personally I took your ipl and mixed it with something else and now I have your hangar and the 2 maps displayed :wink: But good work anyway

I’d rather people actually contributed to the FiveM community, rather than taking things and not helping in any way whatsoever @BobMarly

like this?

I don’t mind helping you if I am asked.

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Hello, have you done it like this ? :slight_smile:

Else I’d love to know how if you don’t mind. :smiley:

no, by using a loader, which means cayo and LS is always visible

I forgot to quote only the first part about the radar my bad. What is used in your loader to load both minimap ? Maybe you have a link ?

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I’m all ears lol

What loader?

island.7z (1.8 KB)
i use this as my loader
and it shows both islands

Thank you, but this as the same issue as this :frowning:

:thinking: I wonder if that “this frame” nonsense could “fix” it @AvaN0x

I think that with this way of adding both island to the minimap, we would have to check if the player ped is inside of an interior with https://docs.fivem.net/natives/?_0x2107BA504071A6BB and draw the minimap if not. Something could be done with IsMinimapInInterior - Natives @ Cfx.re Docs ? (I am assuming that this is getter wheter the player is looking at the inside of an interior, or switched back to the full map witl CAPS LOCK ? EDIT : it does)

Might check this out later today, but… I don’t like adding checks for something that should be this simple :confused:
I see two possible best ways to do it, either find a way to stream the minimap all the time, either find a way to create a native (I have no idea how this could be done, haven’t really be looking at how fivem’s code work) which load cayo without removing los santos
(Might be wrong though)


Found a way to have it, only issue is the minimap edges preventing us from going above cayo perico :

local _isCloseToCayo = false
local _isCayoMinimapLoaded = false

    while true do
        local isCloseToCayo = #(GetEntityCoords(PlayerPedId()) - vector3(4858.0, -5171.0, 2.0)) < 2200.0

        if _isCloseToCayo ~= isCloseToCayo then
            _isCloseToCayo = isCloseToCayo
            _isCayoMinimapLoaded = isCloseToCayo

            -- switch radar interior


    while true do
        local wait = 500
        if IsPauseMenuActive() and not IsMinimapInInterior() then
            if _isCayoMinimapLoaded then
                _isCayoMinimapLoaded = false
            SetRadarAsInteriorThisFrame(GetHashKey("h4_fake_islandx"), 4700.0, -5145.0, 0, 0)
            wait = 0
        elseif not _isCayoMinimapLoaded and _isCloseToCayo then
            _isCayoMinimapLoaded = true

EDIT: this solution is more detailed in there [HOW-TO] Load CayoPerico minimap all of the time

I think I followed all the steps to install the CayoImprovements (version 4.1.7) and it’s OK, but at the Island Beach Party DJ area, I can’t see the table and all the sound speakers under the TVs. I tried also disabling CayoImprovements and enabling CayoTwoIslands and the problem is the same: no sound speakers or the table where are the DJ drinks.

I also see, from time to time, cars floating at the water, doing same path as the boat, near the Beach Party.

What did I do wrong?

Update: Something is removing all DJ objects, including the speakers and other objects, as I don’t have them with the original Island (your updates disabled) and I can’t find how.

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Never encountered this issue, sorry. So I don’t know as it’s fine for me

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Seems to do this if you teleported from Los Santos to Cayo Perico quickly, otherwise it’s fine.

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If they still do not appear, even without this resource, then there is something weird going on, my only suspicion would be that you are somehow missing the files in your own copy of GTA 5 and perhaps you need to update your game or verify the files.

However if they are not appearing for anyone at all, then that would mean the manifest file for the resource, hasn’t included them, which, is odd because it’s working fine for me.

Can you please try updating your GTA 5, verifying the files, (search YouTube if you don’t know how), and make sure you have Correctly set your server to the right DLC build and read everything here

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Thanks for the help. Another MLO, Paleto Beach Party, is using the same beach props and is using other speakers, getting rid of defaults. That also deletes Cayo Perico speakers and other prop. Disabling this MLO solves the proble.

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