[Releases] [Free] Cayo Perico Improvements Freeroam 4.1.5

Hey brother any chance I can easily disable the TVs or do I need to mess with the map itself?
If so please let me know the software needed, maybe Codewalker or 3ds?

Also, I’ve managed to get the island but it seems I can see both Los Santos and the Cayo Perico at the same time which is causing me to be on the server but playing solo, so it’s quite broken.
If you could shed any light on this it would be much appreciated :smiley:

Thanks in advance bro, please keep up the good work, congrats!

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I’d recommend you use this Cayo Perico instead then.

I mean, sure, you can use codewalker and remove the TVs but, I’ve added them for a reason, to work with This script

As stated in my write up, ReadMe and many comments before,

The hangar is modified and only seems to appear if I keep the native in there that conceals Los Santos while on Cayo Perico.

There are times where it may bug and you see both islands, I recommend deleting the cache stopping and starting the resource.

My resource is and should be on purpose, concealing Los Santos and it’s mini map and ESC menu content while on the island because of a native that is being used to do so, which also stops the hangar from not appearing. This is on purpose and not a “broken” feature.

I may have to increase the wait time of the transitioning or something but I’m not entirely certain.

May I suggest using this?

I prefer not to use it but something about it works more efficiently than my script :man_shrugging:t2:

Hello ,

Nice to see your script, but i wan’t to close the Hangar doors, Do you know how to do or did you have the file because you had in V.2.0


I don’t, no. But also, the hangar is modified. You can add back the hangar doors closed yourself.

You’ll have to find it and add it via codewalker. I’m AFK and this isn’t high on my list of priorities, especially adding it back for just one person, so I do apologize.

Because i have the invisible bugg of the hangar, but i know why i have loaded the island and the normal world

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Yep. I’ve already stated countless times why this happens and yet people complain

Hi, very super! Thank you! Can there be snow on the island?

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If you use vmenu or some sort of weather script, you can yes. What I mean by “snow removed” is that it no longer falls from North Yankton, which is usually above the island, but I removed it

  • even if you request North Yankton via an IPL loader, it will not load.

this snow cannot be rotated on the island , there is snow on the island, no city?

sorry for my bad english

I want there to be snow on the island, no snow in the city :slight_smile:


[Releases] [Free] Cayo Perico Improvements Freeroam 4.1.4] = No Snow

Menu = Snow

Is impossible, I do not how how to do this. Can only have snow everywhere, or nowhere. I hope you can understand :frowning_face:

Yes! Thank you

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Update 4.1.5

  • Added IPL toggles to load and unload the IPLs depending on whether or not the player is on or off the island Thanks for the info

  • Renamed some natives

  • Added more lights to the Cabin

  • Added blockers to stop cars from entering the Beach Party :unamused:

  • Added lights in front of blockers for vehicle parking

  • Added mat and Valet stand

  • Added dancing peds, security, El Rubio, and Dr Dre. Peds, weapons and animations can be changed in the config or commented out in the fxmanifest.

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What if the GPS marker does not display the route after using the map

It should do, there was a bug but I’d fixed it in 4.1.5 @9000rpm