[Releases] [Free] Cayo Perico Improvements Freeroam 4.1.5

Update available

  • Added DJ microphone at Beach Party

  • Added static plane (object not vehicle) inside hangar

  • Improved hangar

  • Added a cabin

  • Removed barbed wire

  • Added a 3rd jetski at beach party.

No longer recommending Hypnonema but instead a better script Poodle’s Multimedia Script

Permission regarding pmms (Poodle Multimedia Script)

Hello! How can I remove the cabin?

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Check ymap folder. Should be called cabin or something. Sorry, I’m AFK atm

Found it! Its was called “cayopericocabin” so thats was why I didnt find it when I search cabin.

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Thanks for the new features and improvements! :slight_smile:

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Absolutely not a problem! Glad to be providing a FREE resource to the community! :innocent:

Here’s the PMMS script in action :sunglasses:

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I’m having an issue following the restart npc cars driving around has stopped, I don’t see any npcs driving anymore.

Not sure if you can be of assistance but when I start the server everything works fine and great but some features in my server stop workign and I suspect it’s because of me switching game builds since they start working after I remove the set gamebuild.
-One feature being my valet option, it spawns vehicles up north rather than near the player itself.

How do you mean? NPCs only drive boats around the outsides of the island. There are no npcs that drive on the island. And only a few npcs appear walking around, standing around etc. I am using the exact natives etc that Rockstar uses.

I’m talking about npcs on the main land, meaning in LS.

My resource wouldn’t have anything to do with that, but try clearing your server cache and make sure you’ve set the gamebuild in the correct location.

In ur server? Do you have both LS and CP and if you do does ur LS operate normally? Meaning do you still have cars and stuff working in ls?

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Everything works fine for me. I have both LS and CP. When I go to CP, it hides LS and the island of LS disappears.

I do highly suggest you read the start of this forum, shut down your FiveM server, make sure you are running the latest server artifacts for either Windows or Linux, that you delete your server cache, and then start the server up again.

Far too many people are running on old server artifacts and weird things happen.

I’d also start looking at some of your other resources, as for whatever reason, it may be possible that they’re not working properly with 2189 gamebuild.

Could you help me look into some resoucres? I’ve done all of the above other than checking the resources.

I don’t know what resources you have and I don’t know what would be and what wouldn’t be, compatible.

These are simply ymaps for Cayo Perico Island, and scripts to request the island’s IPLs. When a player is on Cayo Perico, Los Santos is concealed from the player, but not from the entire server.

Whatever resource you have for some valet thing, likely needs to be modified, why though I have no idea.

I’m aware of invisible collisions near the stranded whale leftover from the abandoned buildings. I’ve attempted to fix this however codewalker and FiveM have been acting up as of late. I’ll fix them eventually, however with this resource being free and worked on since December, it’s not my top priority right now.


Update available

  • Added back abandoned buildings near stranded whale

  • Added stuff to the hangar

  • Added a skeleton holding a block of coke(?) inside the “jail” area near the mansion


I have a problem, I have Cayo Perico heist script where you have to dive into that hole, but after this improvements map it is impossible because there is a collision what avoids you to dive into that hole. Can you help me which file should I remove?

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