[Releases] [Free] Cayo Perico Improvements Freeroam 4.0

Look through the ybn files and open them with OpenIV, you’ll find the culprit eventually. I’m AFK at the moment sorry, but hopefully you find it.

@TayMcKenzieNZ unluckily I couldn’t find it when you have a time, can you please check it for me which file contains that?

Try removing “h4_underwater_gate_closed_1”. from ybn folder.

In regards to the Tuners DLC update:

This resource requires server build 3324 or higher. To check this, run version in your server console.

Add set sv_enforceGameBuild 2189 to your server.cfg or +set sv_enforceGameBuild 2189 to your launch parameters.

It should work fine with the Tuners DLC update when FiveM releases it, however I can not see why, anything would conflict.

I don’t use any fancy frameworks or any other Cayo Perico related resources, so you’ll have to troubleshoot it on your own. These are simply ymaps, therefore you may need to update the fxmanifest version to something else, and then it should be good to go.

I currently have no plans to further update this resource, however I am willing to take suggestions.



How to enable the switch islands version. i have try both islands version and it work but the swtich version doesn’t work. i have activated it in the resources lua but nothing work except ymaps.

(i use to have a script that was working great switching islands but idk why it no longer work)

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Remove the – from one and place it in front of the other

They essentially do the same thing. There is a native in the script that conceals the islands. You can remove the native, but then the hangar doesn’t work for whatever reason

I removed it, but problem still there, there is an half-invisible collision that avoid you to swim there

There shouldn’t be, as I can swim into that tunnel with no issues. I don’t know why it’s like that for you but if you haven’t done so, download the resource again as I may have updated it since you last downloaded it, and if you’re using the Cayo Perico Island For FiveM 4.0, don’t. It’s full of invisible crap.

Download latest server artifacts

Force server to 2189

If you’re using any other island related stuff, don’t

Everything should be fine :man_shrugging:

You may also open the codewalker project file (enable dlc mpheist4) and see for yourself in my files

“Switch” should technically be enabled by default. I know that I said “both islands enabled by default” but turns out what’s happening is, you can see Cayo Perico from Los Santos, but once you’re on the island, Los Santos gets concealed.

The switch version basically does the same thing.

I found out that removing a native from my scripts allows both islands to show up, but the hangar interior breaks, so this is why I didn’t go further with it; upon further discovery, it only does that while you’re in game, so I think if you stop the resource, clear the cache, remove that native and start the resource while not in the server, it all works fine. It’s just that one minor bug

I’ve had 5 other people test and they can dive down in the sewer tunnel without any issues. Unfortunately this makes 6 people including myself. I’m not sure what is causing your issue.

So which native do I have to remove to see both islands? I don’t care much about the hangar and seeing both islands is so much more immersiv.

Are there more people with invisible objects next to the hangar?

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I thought I fixed this :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Hmm… Ok give me a sec

In both_islands.lua, which can be found in the scripts folder, search for

“0x9A9D1BA639675CF1” and delete it. Now both islands are in your server, and a big gaping hole is in the hangar, yet you can walk in there. For some people there’s no hole, for others there is :man_shrugging:

Go to the ybn folder and delete


Will do and let you know thnx!

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An update has just been released:


The hangar collision is now in it’s own separate zip folder, so that the server doesn’t read it.

The reason this is, is because if you happen to have the ‘"Cayo Perico Shops MLO’ resource, as well as mine, the server refuses to read the collision file for shops, but instead, read mine, making the shop collisions not work.

Just copy and paste mine, or the Cayo Perico Shops collision file (h4_islandairstrip_12) into the ybn folder.

  • Barbed wire has now been removed from the mansion

  • Runway hangar office windows are now clean and the smashed, shitty texture overlay has been removed, giving it a cleaner look

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