{RELEASED} {ADDON CAR} Fast And Furious Pack

Youre all good bro no sweat, I actually found it, I guess one of my friends had it I appreciate it though brother thanks for the look out

for sure man :slight_smile: , as I said, would have just had to dig it up, but I didn’t have it tbh :frowning: was just coming to let you know that :frowning:

Any chance i can get that pack?

The pack was on gta 5 mods

Low key downloaded, V2.5 which had all that I wanted and used the fivem convert from this file to convert the bigger file and all worked smoothly for me

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Thank you!

It was my first ever pack i converted that wasn’t already fivem ready!

Please make sure you credit Nspeak! As its hes orignal mod i just converted it

Isn’t there any options to change parts/colors on the cars at Benny’s? The original Skyline is gonna be Grey but when we spawn it in it’s Black and if we drive it to Benny’s it won’t change colors

Can’t change the paint color otherwise would’ve been a great addition.

Any pictures?

@CraigH can you help me with downloading this pack? Im new to entire FiveM and i want to add custom cars to my singleplayer world to see if i like it but idk how. Can someone please help me? Like when i download the pack, do i need to extract files from the pack to the GTA folder? Pls someone help.

Thank You

May you send it to me please

any link for second pack? thanks!

Hey, I dragged it to my resources folder and this is what happened.(I also put it in the server.cfg)

It says
Could not open resource metadata File (location)__resource.lua

would mind sending me dl man cheers