[Release][YMAP] Corporate office

Hi Friends
I am here to share with you my creation about my corporate office

:books:Table of contents :

  • :hammer_and_pick: Description
  • :camera: Screenshot exemple
  • :video_camera: Vidéo demonstration
  • :floppy_disk: Download the mapping
  • :closed_book: Additional information

:hammer_and_pick: Description:

Are you a business owner or someone without an office? no problem ! :+1: Patoche have create for you a business building ! :muscle:

What can you find here ?

  • a waiting room
  • a coffe aera
  • a smoking area
  • 2 open space office
  • 2 closes office

:camera: Screenshot exemple :

:video_camera: Vidéo demonstration :

:floppy_disk: Download the mapping :
click for download your futur office

:closed_book: Additional information :

  1. I had basically create the card for notaries but finally I thought that it can be used by all companies without offices !
  2. thanks to the last person who followed my youtube page, your support makes me happy

Hope you enjoy my idea ! Have Fun


nice work dude

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ty dude :slight_smile:
it’s a practical mapping for a lot of job :innocent:

Stuff is flickering and not put together all the way not first mod from him but will be LAST.

if it flickering means he over lapped the props… with map building sometimes it cant be helped…

Yes i know i have been building for over a year and there is a way not to get flickering use menyoo can set it off enough not to and not look like two pieces