[Release] xnVending (ESX/vRP/Standalone)

okey thanks you :smiley:

Not working on me :’(

I have this problem i don’t can buy a item

SCRIPT ERROR: @xnVending/server/server.lua:34: attempt to index a nil value (local ‘targetItem’)

TriggerServerCallback (@es_extended/server/functions.lua:33)
handler (@es_extended/server/common.lua:89)

Pressing the key does not give the object but neither does it give any error

Make sure you have your config.Framework set correctly and have added all the items you are using into your database.

Did you check both your client and server console?

I have a fresh installed ESX Server where we test before we install stuff to our main server. Unfortunately the script doesn’t work. Front of the machine appears in the below right corner the drink and price, but I cannot do anything to buy it. I tried with ESX and NewESX, even standalone, it doesn’t work. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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some vending machines get stuck when starting the animation thus leaving the rest of the machines that work blocked

machines that work

machines that do not work
(They get caught when you give them to buy and it is time for the animation)

Cheers for me soda machines work perfectly but it is the food machine that does not want to work the text appears but nothing happens behind someone would have the solution please.

It’s okay, I managed to fix the problem.

Hey there! Huge thanks for the Standalone Version! I got one Problem i wanted to place the Weed Vending Machine but there is no ymap included and it seems that you cant do anything with the .ytyp file in CodeWalker. Maybe the file is corrupt? or iam just an Idiot.

The E does not appear to buy, numbers appear and when I press them it does nothing