[RELEASE] XNLRankBar ('Fully' working original GTA Rankbar / XP Bar NATIVELY! - with original GTA Levels!)

Hello Friend… Thanks for Nice script…
I need ask something… can some help to disable control for xp below 800, 2100, 3800, 6100


how can i add level beside player name on esx_scoreboard

How to disable control for below xp or level XNLRankBar

Nope, because that (as explained a dozen times now and in many comments): that totally depends on your database, framework, how you use your stats etc etc etc…

I’m using my own (privately developed from scratch) framework, so my database code is 100% unusable, however there are already people whom made it (partially?) ESX compatible for example…

How that works? I seriously have no clue because I have never used any framework like ESX, vRP etc (nor will I ever do so). Nothing against those frameworks though, i just like to make all my stuff custom.

Maybe a better place to ask is at the person(s)? whom have released esx_scoreboard :wink:

I don’t know, i don’t use the ESX scripts etc, so i really don’t know.

Would be nice to export XNL_GetXPFloorForLevel and XNL_GetXPCeilingForLevel for current player level, this way, it becomes fully compatible with " HEIST_CELEBRATION" scaleform, or with other scripts that might require “quick maths”.

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Done :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Not for “Current player level” but that isn’t to difficult to retrieve this way now :slight_smile:

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