[Release] Witnesses


This script will transform nearby NPCs into witnesses when you shoot at other NPCs or players and notify law enforcement.

An NPC will only become a witness if they are within 25 feet on the player. The player has ~30 seconds to kill the witness before a notification is sent to law enforcement. Law enforcement will see a yellow marker covering the general area the player was shooting within.

Had to do quite a few workarounds on this version so, uh, don’t judge the methodology.

Check out the preview: https://streamable.com/vjmew0


  • Extract redm-witnesses into your resources folder
  • Start redm-witnesses in your server.cfg


Any issues, give me a shout.


This is a good release :+1:


Thanks… although what you have shared will not work. The notification is there to notify any sheriffs of the shots, but your methodology only notifies the player who shot the gun if they are a sheriff. I have updated the readme with a code snippet for anyone wanting to use this resource with VORP instead of RedemRP: https://github.com/DarrenJDocherty/RedM-Witnesses/blob/master/README.md/.

Hey there. Thank you for this.
So, huh… noob question, sorry about that.

I just wanted some cops on my server, you know ?
AI Cops i mean, not players cops…

Is this possible ?

I have no idea what does VORP or RedemRP means…
Anyway, sorry my english.
My server is up and running.
I play with some “friends” sometimes.
Just for fun.

I have a question,

Does this notify AI and Player cops?

Or does it only notify AI?

Can you make it so it only notifies Player cops?