[Release] [WIP] ESX 2

Hi GiZz, when can we use this powerful framework?

Does anyone mind helping me change the es_extended pay notification to Notify I can’t seem to figure it out! If you have any help that would be great thanks!

anyone know what this problem is and how i can fix it? It gives this error for every esx script.

Job_grades table doesn’t exists

looks like bullshit if you want to fuckup go with esx2 , more problems then benefits

im using the old es_extended and need to upgrade it… how can i do that without losing anything from my server? pls

Go in the html folder

Can someone help with es_extended setuping? Cuz im getting errors with mysql https://prnt.sc/vj43qv

Having a problem with spawning getting this error. I have setup my data base and everything else seems find but this one problem. Using ESX V1 Final

es_extended/client/main.lua:64: attempt to index a nil value (field ‘coords’)
Database is setup

The only way I was able to even get spawned in was to remove some of the code that’s related to the spawning

Any help I would appreciate, I have been looking for about 2 days to fix this and I have run out of places to look after googling the error and checking over the info i can find for it.

Seems i was able to fix this problem with a complete SQL rebuild. Default position should be {“z”:31.2,“y”:-955.6,“x”:-269.4,“heading”:22.4} for job center

It would be nice, if we would have an option to store data in JSON files on the server, and not databases.

You could try mongodb

@Nevos Yes I could, but if I know right, MongoDB also needs to run on a server. And my problem is the separate server part. It would be a lot nicer, and a lot faster in my opinion to acces local files, in the resource directory, than accessing an entire database. With ESX v1 I could use my own JSON storage resource, with esx resources after a little modification. But with ESX v2 it is harder, becouse it uses it’s own database system, and not only Mysql-Async queries.

How to make first time spawning position?

hi, anyone know how can i fix this error?

Will scripts that worked with previous versions of ESX [1] work using this version of ESX [2]? Regards

fivem server with esx v1-final. Please help. How to change identifier to steam? Now after character registration it gets that license number